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How to use eConsent Efficiently in Medical Device Studies

The use of eConsent in medical device studies has been a topic of discussion in the medical device industry for years, and due to Covid-19, sponsors have been increasingly considering the feasibility of implementing eConsent in the clinical workflow.

Unfortunately, the time and resources required by EDC vendors to set up the solution has often been too big of a hurdle for sponsors to overcome. 

With the vision of empowering medical device manufacturers to be their best and enable all manufacturers to utilize eConsent in their clinical workflow, SMART-TRIAL has developed a 100% autonomous and integrated eConsent solution that can be fully set up by the study sponsor.

This eliminates the costly and timely setup completely, and allows manufacturers to use eConsent in their studies when applicable. 

But how do you apply eConsent efficiently in your medical device study? SMART-TRIAL CCO - Americas & Asia, Adam Steadman, and CEO, Páll Jóhannesson, will present key insights on when, how and why you should use eConsent in your study. 

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improved and simplified trial process
  • Simplified collection of informed consent and better overview 
  • Audit trail with full traceability
  • Better patient experience = Improved recruitment and reduced drop-out rates
  • Flexible Consent Options 

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